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1 August 2018 Explanation 0


From the start, a total of 50 badges can be won. Some are obvious, some are predictable and some just seem to fall from the sky – let’s call them Easter eggs. The more obvious ones is the Introducer badge which you will earn once you’ve fully introduced someone to Wordplay.

Than there are uncommon badges, can you guess how you could win the following badges?

  • Déjà vu
  • Fortune teller
  • Fifty50


Every time you win a badge you get an instant bonus. These bonuses are a combination of:

  • Play chips
  • Hints
  • Time

These bonuses give players an edge to reach their goal: be the goat.

46 and counting…

We’ve come-up with 46 badges thus far and we want a total of Fifty! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think should deserve a badge – The top 3 suggestions will appear in the game and will receive a Pro package worth €33,99.

List of badges

1 Introducer  Have a friend sign up with your bonus code
2 Student Gone through the full introduction
3 Innovator  Play a beta version of a game
4 Stargazer  # letters correct
5 Supernova Total # of letters correct
6 Hero Top # of your country for the week
7 Monarch Top # of your country for the week
8 Elite Top # of the world for the week
9 Goat Top # of the world for the week
10 Bookwurm  # of looked up words
11 Beginner’s luck Win the first word of the week
12 Rescue Win the game with the hinted word
13 Philantropist Donated directly to charity
14 Support # of hints used
15 Gold rush  # win sequence
16 High roller  # bet a certain number of chips
17 All-in  Bet all your chips
18 Cooler Lose 5 words in a row
19 Clueless  Bet your last hint
20 Longshot Win in the last round while having <10% chance to win
21 Fan  # played number of hours
22 Lightspeed Win within # seconds
23 Ambassador  # played number of hours
24 Maniac  # played number of hours
25 Marathon  # played number of games in 1 day
26 Millionaire  Collected 1 million chips
27 Make it rain  Made a purchase in the shop
28 Social butterfly  Shared status on social media
29 Nightowl  Played between midnight and 6am
30 Scoreboard journalist  # number of times the player checked the leaderboards
31 Sabbatical Do not play for a certain time
32 JIT Easter egg
33 Minimalist  Easter egg
34 Traveller  Easter egg
35 Déjà vu  Easter egg
36 Fortune teller  Easter egg
37 Fifty50  Easter egg
38 Shout out  Easter egg
39 Leet  Easter egg
40 Supersticious  Easter egg
41 Boot Easter egg
42 Whoops Easter egg
43 Beard Easter egg
44 Window shopper Easter egg
45 Nope! Easter egg
46 Polyglot Easter egg